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The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center is a comprehensive, child-focused program that offers a highly effective, one-step approach to child abuse investigations. The agency allows law enforcement, child protection professionals, prosecutors, and the mental health communities to work together to assist victims of child abuse and sexual assault in a cohesive manner.

The Bridge Proactively:

  • Engages community partners
  • Implements impartial investigative techniques
  • Coordinates case tracking
  • Makes counseling referrals
  • Educates victims and non-offending family members on victims’ rights, resources and options
  • Offers a comfortable, private, child-friendly setting to conduct interviews
  • Focuses on the health and future of child victims
  • Strives to improve investigations while reducing harmful effects on children and families

*These steps reduce duplication of efforts between agencies involved in the investigation, expedites prosecution, increases conviction rates of offenders, and helps victims onto the path of recovery.

Forensic Services

To put children and their families at ease, The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center provides a neutral, home-like facility where interviews of and services for children are provided.


The Bridge’s highly-trained, professional forensic interviewers specialize in taking testimony of children using non-leading techniques. This approach provides an accurate and consistent account from the child victim. Children should not have to relive the negative experience of witnessing a violent crime or experiencing criminal child abuse over and over – this forensic interview process reduces the negative impact of relating the child’s experience. Follow this link to find Frequently Asked Questions as you prepare for your appointment at The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center.

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There are occasions when a physical exam is deemed necessary. When needed, these examinations are coordinated by The Bridge staff and conducted at our center. This approach lessens trauma experienced by the child and family by eliminating a visit to the emergency room. Follow this link for more information about forensic examinations.

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Members of this team meet regularly to discuss active child abuse cases under the coordination of The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center. Team members receive and share vital information to ensure every child receives maximum effort resulting in healing and justice.

Family Advocacy

The Bridge family advocates are committed to helping families navigate the complex systems they enter when a child makes an outcry of abuse. These professionals help families understand the investigation and prosecution process; learn about their rights; and access resources that will help the family during the crisis and in the healing process.

Mental Health Referrals

The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center provides a safe place for children and their families to begin the healing process after experiencing criminal child abuse or witnessing a violent crime. A referral is made to one of our contracted counselors who have extensive training in evidence-based therapy models. These clinical specialists will determine the best treatment options through standardized assessment procedures and collaboration.

Trauma of abuse affects the whole family, not just the victim or witness of a violent crime. Counseling needs will be determined and referrals made for the child and the non-offending family members.


The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center provides interactive and informative child abuse prevention and awareness training opportunities for:

Trainings are also offered on-site throughout the year in our Amarillo office and in our satellite office locations.

All education is provided free of charge thanks to generous donors from across the Texas Panhandle.

The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center is a registered provider through the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to offer Continuing Professional Education credits (CPE) to educators and continuing education to school board members in Texas.

Professionals working with children in educational and childcare settings

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Multidisciplinary team members (law enforcement, prosecutors, contracting crisis centers and counselors, Department of Family Protective Services)

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Children Pre-K through 12th Grade

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Professional Education Schedule

2023 On-Site Bridge Education

October 12th  Thursday   6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Annual Child Abuse Training outside of Amarillo

Dumas -September 23rd -Dumas Lions Club – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Pampa -September 23th – Pampa ISD Administrative Building -10:00 am – 12:00 pm

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*The Bridge is a registered provider through the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide continuing education to school board members. The Bridge is also a registered provider through TEA to offer CPE hours to educators. Please contact us for more information at 806-372-2873.